How We Process And Review Sources You have Reported:

In order to make this platform as powerful and meaningful as possible, IP Metro has configured its DISCONNECT online monitoring tool in order to detect and identify information that has been made available on the internet relating to the coronavirus and COVID-19. However, certain sources may not be accessible, and we see new websites and social media posts emerging every day.

For this reason, we are kindly inviting you to participate to this initiative, by reporting as many sources as you can to our systems. These will be reviewed by using the algorithms that are available in DISCONNECT, and in certain cases undergo a manual review process.

This way, we can further expand our database with trusted sources (e.g., official government websites, studies from universities, etc.), but can also provide warnings to internet users who may access dubious information or are targeted by counterfeiters.

How You Can Contribute

If you have found this interesting government-operated website or have received a scam email in which counterfeit goods are offered: please let us know by completing the form below:


  • Drop files here or

Next Step: Review

Once we have received your submission, we will compare the source you have reported with other information, parameters, etc. using our AI-enabled algorithms. This way, we want to make sure that the information that is contained in our databases is as accurate as possible, so to guide internet users in the right direction when they are looking for accurate and relevant information relating to the coronavirus and COVID-19.

Where necessary, we will subject this information to a manual review, and report the outcome through our “Verify Source” feature on the top right corner.

In addition, we welcome any all comments relating to the contents of this database, and more in particular provide for a process whereby internet users can report inaccuracies to us. Of course, we will review such reports as soon as possible.

Of course, we will not publicly associate your name or affiliation with any sources you have reported to us.

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